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Patent of medical science and technology: A brief introduction on the preparation method and application of a composite formula of anti-carcinogens
Specific interviews are needed for cooperation of developing or patent transfer. Jingzhou Weng, Home Phone: 0576-83803935, Telephone: 13867629238, Address: No. 4 East River Bank Road, Tiantai County, Zhejiang Province (Room 401)
The present invention has been censored by State Intellectual Property Office of the People's Republic of China according to Patent Law of the people's Republic of China. Patent application date: April 18th, 2008. Authorized announcement date: June 29th , 2011. The decision to grant a patent, issue a certificate and authorize registration according to the law has been made. And the invention has awarded four patents.
1. The present invention involves a composite of Chinese herbal medicine, specifically relates to a pharmaceutical composition for the treatment of cancer, and its preparation method and application are introduced as follows:
1.1 A composition of anti-carcinogens characterized by the anticancer property produced by twenty-five ingredients which have been synthesized via weight proportioning synthesis.
1.2 The production process of the capsule drug include initial processing, fine processing, precipitated fine crystallization, and capsule preparation, according to the preparation methods stated in Claim 2 of the corresponding patent of the composite formula of anti-carcinogens.
.3 The clinical applications of the composite formula of anti-carcinogens are determined according to the functions of this formula clarified in Claim 1.
1.4 Optimization of the composition, designation of three forms of the drug involving ten combinations of different drugs to treat various cancers have been introduced in the invention.
The inventor was born in a family of Chinese traditional medicine for eight generations, who started medical practice at the age of seventeen, studied inner alchemy, medicine and martial arts under the supervision of Song-xi Zhang in the Northern Faction since 1968, and later studied inner alchemy, martial arts and medicine from the master of Southern Faction of Quanzhen, Chong-gen Xie since 1971, becoming the twenty-seventh generation direct descendant being proficient in inner alchemy, martial arts and Chinese medicine. The inventor has made great efforts in investigation of tumorous etiology and pathogenesis, as well as the summary of the experience of cancer treatment which has been greatly improved. Malignant tumors are a common category of disease threatening human health and life, and the treatment of tumors is still a major difficulty around the world. Except surgeries, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and recent introduction of thermotherapy from USA with the latest technology and equipment, Chinese medicine and herbals, as well as the combination of traditional Chinese and Western Medicine to treat diseases have been paid much attention in the medical field. The anti-cancerous alchemical medicine, “Qing’ai Dan”, consisting of “whorlleaf stonecrop herb”, “lucid ganoderma”, “tracheloside” and other twenty-five Chinese herbal medicine, exerts its functions based on the principles such as “like cures like”, anti-cancer , strengthening body resistance to dispel pathogenic factors, syndrome differentiation and treatment, for the inhibition and radical treatment of tumors. Chinese medicine covers broad aspects with profound knowledge and theories, and it is self-contained based on the Yin-Yang theory and remain on the glory trail for long years. On the basis of inheriting the theory of detoxification in traditional Chinese medicine, the inventor developed a herbal composite formula to treat cancers through bold exploration and repeated practice to take the essence to its dregs, using modern technology and the advanced equipment at the international level, and the refined medicine is called “Qing’ai Dan”.
2. The incidence of cancer in the world has increased exponentially, threatening human health and drawing much attention of people internationally. According to the statistics of the World Health Organization, the cancer population has reached 12,000,000 among approximate 7,000,000,000 people in the whole world, and the mortality is more than 8,000,000, accounting for 10% of the global population. And in developing countries, more than 5,000,000 have cancers and the number is increasing by 5% of the population per year.
4、长期隐性慢性疾病病变致癌。5、遗传基因致癌。 (以上五种致癌物质于1998年发表在 《医学新进展》一书中。科学家以发现ROUS肉瘤病毒基因,有一种编码酪氨酸蛋白激酶的基因,并已证实在人体细胞中起到关键作用,同时己发现正常有效细胞在一定情况下向癌变转化基因,因为这一基因来自病毒,被命名为病毒癌基因。
2.1 The toxic components have increased in foods.
2.2 Air pollution: the discharge and increase of harmful gases in the air threaten the health of people.
2.3 Reduced quality of the drinking water: water pollution, decreased drinking water quality, increased toxic and harmful components.
2.4 Long-term latent chronic diseases are carcinogenic.
2.5 Genetic carcinogenesis.
The above five carcinogenic factors were introduced in the book of New Advances in Medicine published in 1998. The scientists have found a gene encoding tyrosine protein kinase in the genome of ROUS sarcoma virus and confirmed its key role in the human cells. They also found that normal cells could transform into cancer cells via genetic changes. Since the gene derives from virus, thus it is named viral oncogene.
三、一种治疗癌症的中草药合成配方“清癌丹”。治疗各类癌症:“清癌丹”以还魂草、灵芝草、络石和合二十五味中草药合制而成,“清癌丹”药物配方组成继承中华中医阴阳学说理论,辨证施治法理原则,利用现代高科技设备,通过精加工提取。 “清癌丹”主治:肝癌、脑癌、乳腺癌、食道癌、淋巴癌、胃癌、子宫癌、皮肤癌、鼻咽癌、直肠癌及各类癌症。
3. The herbal formula of “Qing’ai Dan” for the treatment of cancers  
The “Qing’ai Dan” consists of “whorlleaf stonecrop herb”, “lucid ganoderma”, “tracheloside” and other twenty-five Chinese herbal medicine based on the “Yin-Yang” theory in traditional Chinese medicine and the principle of syndrome differentiation and treatment using modern high-tech and equipment through refinement processing. Indications of “Qing’ai Dan”: liver cancer, brain cancer, breast cancer, esophageal cancer, lymphoma, gastric cancer, uterine cancer, skin cancer, nasopharyngeal carcinoma, colorectal cancer and other various types of cancer.
还魂草 Come back Agrimonia 别名江南卷柏、石柏、岩柏草、九死还魂草、黄疽卷柏。为卷柏科植物江南卷柏  Selaginellamoellendorfii Hieron的全草。
Come back Agrimonia, also known as Selaginella moellendorfii, Doederlein's Spikemoss Herb, Rock Cypress Herb, Resurrection Herb, Selaginella jaundice, is a kind of entire plants of Selaginellamoellendorfii Hieron.
The alias of come back Agrimonia, Resurrection Herb, indicates its unique vitality. The herb grows in regions including Huading mountains in China Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain Resort, Shiliang, Hanshi mountain, Buddhist shrines Cuiping Mountain, Jiuzhe Mountain, Putuo Mountain in the South Seas, Xianju mountains, Yandang Mountain in Wenzhou City, Mount Longhu in Jiangxi Province, Wudang Mountain in Hubei Province, Mount Emei in Sichuan Province, Taiwan, Fujian Province, Guangdong Province, and it prefers to high mountains rather than fertile plains. It can survive severe conditions such as in hot sun, heavy rain, freezing coldness, extreme drought, and can also revive after damage to death such as in the case that it come back to life after receiving water when dried-up. It is shaped like the umbrella, lush perennial, and can be enjoyed as a bonsai as well as a rare medicinal herb. Hence, Taoism named the the herb as Resurrection herb and its legend has been passed down from generation to generation and listed in the annals of history. The whole plant can be taken throughout the year for use both with fresh or dried come back Agrimonia. Its chemical components mainly include two kinds of aldehyde, and other components are phenol, acidic and neutral species. It has a mild property and tastes a little sweet. The whole plant contains alkaloid, plant catalpol and saponin confirmed by component testing.
药理药性  l、所含生物碱对小白鼠肉瘤SlM有较好抑制作用:给实验性肝癌的小白鼠灌胃,共 12天,但能明显增长动物的生存天数。2、有增强机体代谢和网状内皮系统功能。
Pharmacological properties: 1. The alkaloid contents demonstrated effective inhibition on sarcoma SlM in mouse: lavage in experimental mouse models of liver cancer for 12 days significantly prolonged the survival periods. 2. It can improve the metabolism of the body and the function of reticuloendothelial system.
Functions: It is recommended for cancer treatment, regulating telomerase in cancer cells and functions against the spread of Black tumor virus, and can be used for diuresis and detumescence. It can also be adopted to treat acute infectious hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver neoplasms, thoracic and lumbar injury, systemic edema, thrombocytopenia, with high medical values and remarkable clinical effects. Proper dosage ranges from 25 to 60.
In the medical researches of more than forty years, the inventor has cured thousands of cases of a variety of diseases, in which cancer cases accounting for hundreds. The inventor is proficient in internal medicine of traditional Chinese Medicine and tumor (cancer) treatment using herbs from Tiantai Mountain with an early efficacy of 92.8% suggesting the significant effects of the treatment. The inventor has written more than thirty articles published include Anti-carcinogen: Ziyin Resurrection Alchemical Medicine, and The Medical and Life-prolonged Effects of Rhizoma Polygonati of Tiantai Mountain, and received the World Medical Association Gold Award, and awarded as Chinese characterized important doctor in the World Medical Congress in 2000. Later in 2002, the inventor was awarded Huatuo Medical Gold Award and the title of World Famous Doctor in World Huatuo Medical Congress. Economic News noted that “based on your  outstanding contributions to the medicine and in the practice of "Three Represents" which has been recognized and affirmed by our society and nation, you are recognized as the best news figure by Economic News’’. The anti-cancerous theory and practice of the inventor have been compiled into Contemporary Expert Essays and the inventor was listed into World’s best experts in 2000.
四、恶性肿瘤细胞结构的分析:肿瘤是一种细胞的异常增生,癌变细胞与正常细胞相比,其结构、功能和代谢有着质的区别,它具有超正常的增生能力。这种增生和机体不相协调,非肿瘤性增生与肿瘤性增生不同前者,常有明显的刺激因素,具有增生于一定时间和一定程度,一旦癌变细胞清除即不再增生。如果超越一定限度,即发生质变,也可变为肿瘤性增生,由良性肿瘤转变成恶性肿瘤 (癌)。癌变是一个复杂的、多阶段的过程,多数癌是从单细胞核演变而来。宿主受某些外界化学、物理、生物等因子影响,基因细胞发生改变,形成变异细胞,此阶段称为启动阶段,再受人体各种因素影响,癌症经过促进阶段癌细胞开始形成。并逐步向周边浸润,转移、扩散至其他脏腑,最后危及生命。
4. Structural analysis of malignant tumor cells: Tumor is an abnormal proliferation of cells. The structure, function and metabolism of cancerous cells are different from those of normal cells, for they have excessive capacity of proliferation, which does not coordinate with the body. Non-tumorous proliferation is also different from tumorous proliferation, because the former is commonly induced by definite causes to a certain extent for a self-limited period. Once the cancerous cells are cleared, the non-tumorous proliferation stops. However, when it exceed the limit, which means there is a qualitative change, it can also transform into tumorous proliferation, and the benign tumor becomes a malignant one (cancer). The process of canceration is a complex, multi-staged course, and most of the cancer cells are derived from a single cell with abnormal nucleus. When cells in the host are affected by external chemical, physical or biological factors and the genetic materials changes, they will become abnormal cells and this is called the initial phase. Later, the cells react to various intrinsic factors inside the human body to form cancer cells through promotion phase and gradually invade the surrounding areas, and even metastasize, diffuse to other organs, or cause deaths.
5. The properties of Qing’ai Dan  
It has the capacity to clear the cancer toxins inside the body, protect the normal cells in the body and improve the body’s immune function: regulation of Yin-Yang refers to the adjustment of Yin-Yang inside the human body with the exterior as Yang and the interior as Yin, qi as Yang and blood as Yin. The relation of the universe and human body: the East indicating wood benefits the liver, the South indicating fire benefits the heart, the West indicating metal benefits the lung, the North indicating water benefits the kidney. In addition, the organs inside the body also relates to each other. The exterior and interior pairs include liver and gallbladder, lung and large intestine, heart and small intestine, kidney and urinary bladder, spleen and stomach, as well as reproductive organs (uterus). Furthermore, disequilibrated Yin-Yang balance results in diseases, and the dysfunctioned Yin-Yang balance in a certain organ results in diseases in the corresponding organ. Thus, the administration of medicine should be conducted according to the Yin-Yang theory and the determination of the underneath changes. The Yin-Yang in the body should be kept in balance, and both of them are prerequisite for a healthy body. The occurrence of cancer suggests the severe imbalance of Yin-Yang in the body, thus regulation is needed to regain a balance, such as enriching the qi and blood. The present composite medicine can produce elements to regulate the Yin-Yang inside the body, adjust the circulation system, enhance the immune function, promote the activity of the reticuloendothelial system, protect normal cells, facilitate the genetic transformation of cancer cells and kill cancer cells.
6. The market development prospect of an anti-cancer product named “Qing’ai Dan”
Taoist medicine is rooted in the traditional Chinese moral culture, according with Oriental philosophy and demonstrating physical science, which is a breakthrough both in theoretical and practical modern Chinese medicine. A summary of visceral function: the five viscus include Kidney, liver, heart, spleen and lung, and the Taoist medicine involves the investigation of life based on the five viscus, with a wise viewpoint on the exterior and interior phenomenon of the body. The causes of diseases include the inherited, internal and external causes, and the basis includes essence, qi and spirit, as well as the object five viscus which exhibit the symptoms and signs of different diseases. The theory is a cause-effect one, in which the invisible matters rule the visible body, and the synchronous study on both with the core theory that the invisible determines the visible and the congenital invisible rules the acquired visible, is the essence of Taoist medicine.
7. Fifty-year’s medical research and more than forty-year’s researches on various cancers
着重点对天台山传统佛道文化,对传统道教医药进行科学研究,并为此付出艰辛努力。道法自然,崇尚自然,清静养生,天与地同参,是道家思想的精髓所在。“清癌丹”治疗癌症研究成果是中国道家历经数千年治病养生服食妙方的延伸。采用高山“还魂草”、“石络莲”、“灵芝草”等几十种纯天然植物中草药配伍,利用现代高科技提炼而成,服用该丹能达到法药相助,使病人始终保持元神健旺·安和五脏,滋润气液。实际生活中,因阴阳失调,元气虚损,髓海空虚而造成的病毒侵入、尤其在消除癌毒及阴阳严重失调和深度疲劳,抗病历降低,体能透支。迅速恢复体能方面有意想不到的神妙效果……。神清则百骸清,神浊而五脏浊,而百病生。病从体内生、体在自然中、心与自然、万物相应。癌毒消除,身体恢复健康。人法地·地法天,天法道,道法自然。在临床研究应用中,采用传统道教医药与现代高科技相结合,研制药物元素合成与临床应用相结合,利用现代高科技手段与道家传统医药和天台山医药走向现代化相结合,在长期研究实践中发现了一种具有顽强生命力的“还魂草”、“石络莲”和道藏记载的以毒攻毒的良药,应用于肿瘤 (癌症)的治疗,并吸取了道家医药和健康长寿的精华,研制一代治疗各类癌症的新药“清癌丹”面世,解决了历代道家宗师没有解决的外丹课题。为中国以至世界治疗癌症开辟了新的途径。
Scientific researches on traditional Taoist medicine based on the traditional Buddhist culture in Tiantai Mountain and great efforts made by the inventor are the main work. Imitation of the nature, advocation of nature, quiet health, and reference to nature are the essence of Taoism. The anti-cancerous “Qing’ai Dan” is an extensive achievement based on treatment regimen recipe which has a long history of thousands of years for Chinese Taoists. It contains “whorlleaf stonecrop herb”, “lucid ganoderma”, “tracheloside” and other several dozens of Chinese herbs from high mountains, via refinement using modern technology and the advanced equipment. This oral taken medicine can help the patients maintain healthy, protect the five viscus and provide nutrition to the blood, especially helpful for those patients who suffer severe Yin-Yang imbalance, weakness, virus invasion, fatigue, reduced immune function, physical overdraft. Clear spirit is also important for it influence the health of the body, and has a major impact on the five viscus when it is damaged and will cause diseases. Since diseases are on the body, and the human bodies are in the natural environment, the mind and the nature as well as all the others in the universe are correlated. When the cancer toxins are cleared, the human body will regain health. Man follows the law of the earth, which takes its law from heaven. Heaven is gotten from the Tao and the law of Tao is mingled with the nature. In the clinical researches, the combination of traditional Taoist medicine and modern high-tech to develop new medicine and promote its application into clinical practice has been adopted by the inventor to produce a composite Chinese medicine from Tiantai Medicine based on the combination of modern high-tech methods and Taoist traditional medicine to a modernized production. And a effective drug consisting of “whorlleaf stonecrop herb”, “lucid ganoderma”, “tracheloside” was invented during a long-term study and practice. It can be used in treatment of tumors (cancers) with advantages of Taoist medicine and life-prolonged essence. The new medicine “Qing’ai Dan” will solve the problem that has never been settled before by previous masters in the field of Taoist external alchemy and may open up new ways for the treatment of cancer in China and even in the world.
This new anti-cancer formulated medicine, with its preparation methods and applications have been approved and granted patents, whose commodity name is “Qing’ai Dan” is waiting for investment and development. This present invention plans to produce 10 composites of medicine according to designation for treatment of different cancers. And the production should be determined according to various stages and various cancers, forming two production lines. If standardized development of market can be implemented, the prospect of this composite will impressive, with an estimated profit of 15,000,000,000 to 20,000,000,000. This is an invention of a considerable prospect and an extremely high mercantile rate of return and is prepared for investment and development as high-tech research and invention patents. The ten drugs of “Qing’ai Dan” are planned to treat different cancers. Specific interviews are needed for cooperation of developing or patent transfer.